What is Honey Pop Flowers?
Honey Pop Flowers is a tiny operation nestled in a New Orleans backyard. Tucked next to the Mississippi River, Honey Pop represents self-determination, honesty, humility, and love. We grow with the season, with the goal of providing sturdy, affordable blooms that make people smile.

Garden Journal
Any seasoned gardener will tell you that Mother Nature is full of surprises. We’re not seasoned by any means, but we’ve made enough mistakes to want to help others avoid a similar fate. We try to manipulate nature’s minions in the friendliest ways possible, which often results in a KO, Mother Nature 1, Honey Pop 0. For those curious about starting their own gardens, check out our garden journal. We’ll be detailing pest and disease controls (and failings!), sowing schedules and the crop progress.

Who is Honey Pop?

Joanna Sese

The Honey Pop team is comprised of Joanna Sese and her ever-loving and supportive husband, Harry Schnur. We’d say Honey Pop is a one-woman shop, but that would simply be untrue. More often than not, behind every accomplished woman is a community of loved ones that lift her up.

Honey Pop is dedicated to the people that always said this could happen. Thanks guys!