When you don’t support your flowers, they won’t support you.

I sort of knew this would happen, but in the name of experimentation and laziness, I made a fatal flaw. I planted some zinnia seedlings and then did not install support. I repeat, I did not install support.

Why, might you ask, did I not bother, even when I had usually used netting in the past? Because I hoped that, in their density, the zinnias would support each other. You see, I planted them 9″ apart, far enough for air to circulate but close enough that they could lightly lean on each other.

So what went wrong? Everything! Eventually a heavy rain came and knocked the little guys sideways. They recovered for the most part, though the zinnias would have floral scoliosis at their bases. Not a huge deal. The continued to grow. But then another torrential downpour came and knocked them all sideways again. Healthy green leaves were pummeled down into the soil, inviting leaf rot and mildew to take over.

I’m not even going to post a photo. It’s too sad. I will probably call time this week and pull them up. Ultimately it’s fine because we’re going to need space for anemones, ammi, eryngium planum, and whatever else goes in the ground this fall.

But lesson learned? Don’t be lazy!



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