After much delay, we have a logo! Behold, the wonders of Illustrator.

The logo evokes petals, get it har har?


Also, behold, the wonders of social media! If you don’t already follow us, do so! We’re at We’re also on the Facebook at Remember when it used to be called “The Facebook”?

Lastly, we have a workshop coming up: Cut Flowers 101. It’s on Saturday, August 12. Get all the details here. The celebrated Hollygrove Market & Farm will be hosting us for an hour or so Joanna can talk about seed germination while attendees get dirt under their fingernails. It’s going to be a jolly good time. Plus, if you’ve never been to Hollygrove Market, it would be a great opportunity for you to check them out.

Hollygrove Market and Farm exists to increase accessibility of fresh produce to Hollygrove, surrounding underserved neighborhoods, and all of New Orleans while promoting sustainability through support of local farmers and the local economy as well as acting as a demonstration site for environmentally sustainable practices.

Learn more about Hollygrove Market here.

New logo
8/12: Workshop @ Hollygrove Market

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